Ethical & Sourcing

This is a recent statement from our blender based in Kent:

We can confirm that all of our ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers and are hand blended and packed in the UK.
This means:
• Everything can be traced back to source.
• All of our suppliers are screened, with thorough documenting of their processes, and audited where deemed necessary.
• We have visited over 130 tea and herbal estates around the world (many of which we source from on-going) so have a good understanding of working practices in the main growing countries.
• All new batch ingredients are visually screened and tasted on delivery and batch samples are kept for twice the shelf life.
• We are SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved) and Soil Association (Organic) accredited, although not all our products are organic.


The Choices we make

At The Lawn Collection, we care about the environment.

Our Kilner jars are reusable and recyclable.  The metal clasps are easily removed and the jar can be put into local recycling facilities.

The teabag boxes are recyclable (after removal of the plastic window).

Our teabags do not contain nylon and are made from a product called SOILON that is made using PLA (polylactic acid) a bi-product of corn starch and are fully biodegradable. The teabags are cut and sealed using an ultrasonic wave (sound energy) which means they do not require any plastic or heat sealing.